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About C. F. Reuschlein Jewelers

In 1891, a former watch salesman turned jeweler named Harry J. Homrich from Martinsburg, WV came to Huntington in hope of opening up his own jewelry store. In April of 1892, he pursued his dream and started a local business naming it Homrich Jewelers which were located at 915 Third Avenue. Huntington was a prime location for the new business due to the access into the city. It was a central hub for trains of the C&O Railway, had electric street cars connecting Guyandotte, and seconds from water transportation.

The Reuschlein name began in 1903, when a gentleman by the name of Charles F. Reuschlein relocated to the Huntington area from Cumberland, Md. He became an associate of Homrich and in 1931 when Homrich retired, purchased the business and rented its new location at 316 Ninth Street. After the transition, Mr. Resuchlein's goal was to carry quality merchandise and separate himself from the rest of the competition. At that time he renamed the business, its current name, to C. F. Reuschlein Jewelers.

Three years later Mr. Reuschlein hired an errand boy, 15 years old at the time, by the name of William A. "Buck" Thompson. Thompson learned the jewelry trade under C. F. and would eventually become vice president and manager of the business. In 1948, during Reuschlein's rein with Thompson close behind, they decided to once again move the business to an upcoming avenue at 940 Third Avenue, which was across the street from its original location.

Mr. Reuschlein, died in 1963 at the age of 85. Thompson, with the help of Mr. Reuschleins daughter, continued the family business and in 1969 hired its current owner and majority shareholder, Joseph Chapman. He was hired on his 18th birthday as a delivery boy, and throughout the years, learned the business and became a jeweler himself.

In the early 1970's, during the rein of "Buck" with Chapman's assistance, an urban renewal project began and the company purchased a building at 825 Forth Avenue. They remodeled the first floor, which became the show room and had 3 other stories along with a basement full of giftware and merchandise.

The business remained in that location until November 2006 when, the latest renewal project had been completed and the company decided to move to its current location at 947 Third Avenue. Along with the name, the business has always been recognized to the public because of the purchase in 1906 of the 20 foot tall Seth Thomas clock. It has always set out fron of the business, and has made all 5 moves with the company. Reuschlein's, is a vital business to the local downtown area, and will continue to serve the public with quality merchandise and well educated information.